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Kylässä tapahtuu!

Tutustu kylän tapahtumiin täällä.

A village of many stories

Embark on a fairytale journey to the southern archipelago of Salo, to
the village of Mathildedal. Jump on a train, bus, boat or car. Soon,
you'll be in a different world.

Mathildedal Ironworks was founded in 1852 by Viktor Zebor Bremer, an
optimistic, energetic and entrepreneurial ironworks master. Despite his
high position, he could be considered an ordinary person. He planned and
enabled the operation of the ironworks and the construction of the
surrounding village.

Viktor could also be described as a romantic. Mathildedal was known as
Hummeldal before 1852, but when Viktor began developing the ironworks,
the village was renamed after his beloved wife Ottiliana Mathilda.
Mathildedal, or Mathilda's Valley, is still one of the most romantic
destinations today.

When speaking of Mathildedal, nature cannot be forgotten. Nature has
been a strong part of the village throughout its history. The stream
flowing from Lake Mathilda enabled the village's development. In the
1880s, the stream was harnessed for electricity production using water
wheels. Today, we can enjoy the sound of the stream and the meditative
movement of one of the water wheels. The surrounding forests have
enabled charcoal burning in the past and now offer beautiful settings
for hiking and enjoying nature.

As you walk through the village, you will see old and atmospheric
buildings, hear the whispering of ancient trees, feel the stories told
by rustic surfaces under your fingertips, and notice the tempting aroma
of fresh bread wafting towards you. It is impossible not to fall in love
with this village.

Although history is strongly present, our village is modern and
up-to-date. The village life is filled with presence, nature, the joy of
movement, local food, handicrafts, and fascinating stories of
entrepreneurship and life. In the summer, we are also entertained by
summer theater performances and various concerts and events.

Come to the village!